Chinese Orchestra

Training Schedule

Day    : Mondays (Sectional) , Fridays (Combined)

Time  : 2.15pm to 4.15pm

Venue: CO Room and Classrooms

Teachers In-Charge : 

Mdm Zhang Hai Yan
Mdm Tang Ling Ling
Mrs Hue-Tan
Mrs Shirley Choong
Mdm Tan Siew Sian
Miss Kang Mui Tiang
Miss Chang Zhi Jun
Mdm Seow Kheng Ling

The curriculum for Kong Hwa Chinese Orchestra (CO) aims to develop the members holistically.  

Our members receive musical training on their respective instruments from highly qualified instructors. Our CO conductor is Mr Liu Bin. Presently, our CO has the strength of about 60 members. 

Kong Hwa School is the only Primary school in Singapore that has attained 3 consecutive Gold with Honours award in Singapore Youth Festival competitions. We will be participating in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF) in 2018 and we are looking forward to another fruitful year. We hope to once again achieve outstanding performance in the next SYF. 

 Through the years, we have been providing stimulating musical experiences and opportunities for our members. Besides learning to apply their musical skills to music- making for school and public performances, members also learn life-skills such as team work, perseverance and commitment. We believe in developing a healthy mind and body for our members. This year, we will introduce different sports for a healthy lifestyle to our members. We will also continue to promote bonding amongst the members. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly and provided positive feedback on the activities organised for them after the session in 2016.

pic 2.png
Rehearsal in Chinese Orchestra Room


pic 4.png

2016 Singapore Youth Festival

pic 3.jpg

2014 Singapore Youth Festival

pic 5.jpg

Minutes before the 2016 Family Day cum Mid -Autumn Performance on school stage

pic 6.jpgBonding Session Nov 2016




Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) -  Certificate of Distinction


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Gold with Honours



  Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) -  Gold with Honours


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) -  Gold with Honours 

 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) -  Gold 


Upcoming Events




 Planned School Performance

  • Chinese New Year Performance
  • Mid Autumn Festival cum Family Day performance
  • P1-P5 Prize Giving Day


 External Performance

  • CCA showcase
  • SYF 2016
  • Values-In-Action (VIA) Activities
  • Bonding Activities
  • Games/ Sports