Guzheng Ensemble

Training Schedule

Day    : Every Friday

Time  : 2.15pm to 4.15pm

Venue: Guzheng Room - C301

Teacher In-Charge : 

Ms Yong Kai Li
Mrs Lorna Ling
Ms Koh Lee Ling

Dear Konghwaians, 

Why join Guzheng? 

You will learn how to play the instrument and be given the opportunity to perform in school and public events. You will also have the opportunity to be involved in immersion programmes with other schools.

Students who display potential will also be chosen to perform in the SYF Art Presentation in 2018. Till date, Guzheng has achieved many accolades. In 2014, we achieved a Certificate of Distinction. In 2010 and 2012, we were awarded Gold with Honours!

Our Achievements & Highlights of 2016

  • SYF Art Presentation Guzheng (April 2016): Certificate of Distinction   
  • Mid-Autumn Celebration and Family Day (September 2016): performed on stage